Welcome to Cafe Lota

‘A uniquely crafted ethno-contemporary experience of lesser-known regional Indian cuisine.’


It’s a curious name for a cafe that calls a busy, urban, and modern metropolis its home.

At Cafe Lota, Indian culinary culture and tradition is similar to the lota in its simplicity, diversity of use, and varying representations. Our cuisine is timeless, yet ever-evolving and adaptable; treated as a form of art.

Situated within the National Crafts Museum in the heart of Delhi, the cafe represents the pulse of Indian culinary culture - colourful, diverse, and kaleidoscopic.

A space nurtured by walls that were built and decorated by the seasoned hands of India’s craftsmen, Cafe Lota pays a loving homage to India’s many known and lesser known culinary traditions.

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Meet the Team


Kamal Singh

Assistant Manager


Yogendra Singh

Head of Service



Head Chef


Deepak Singh Negi



Gopal Shreshta



Gate No. 2
National Crafts Museum
Bhairon Marg, Pragati Maidan
New Delhi 110001


8 AM to 9:30 PM
Monday to Sunday